Alexander Maurer

Scientific Advisor & Editor-in-Chief


Alexander obtained his medical degree from University of Frankfurt Medical School, Germany, where he also trained in hematology and oncology. He then undertook 2 years of basic hematology research at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medicine in Melbourne, Australia. After which, he returned to Germany to work as a postdoc at Georg-Speyer-Haus in Frankfurt on retroviral gene transfer and leukemic translocations.

Interested in the business side of science, Alexander studied for a Master of Business Administration at the University of Cambridge, UK, and continued his subsequent career in the pharmaceutical industry where he held senior positions in Clinical Development and Medical Affairs. In his last role, he was European Medical Affairs lead for lymphoma at Celgene.

Since 2015, Alexander has worked as a consultant supporting medical strategy development and medical training. In September 2018, he joined Scientific Education Support as Scientific Advisor and Editor-in-Chief. His responsibilities include supporting the GvHD Hub Steering Committees, key opinion leaders, sponsors and clients in their efforts to build comprehensive and inspiring educational platforms for physicians and researchers in the field of hematology. Alexander also works across the AML Global Portal, the Lymphoma Hub, the Multiple Myeloma Hub and Know AML.